Monday, October 3, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, October 3, 2016

Kaleidoscope Gardens, Saskatoon Farmers' Market

Station 20 West Fresh Food Community Market, Oct. 6 
Vegetables and fruits will be for sale at market prices every Thursday starting Oct. 6 at the Station 20 West Fresh Food Community Market.

Urban Agriculture, Oct. 11 
Professor Grant Wood will discuss Urban Agriculture: Health, Healing, and Community Development at 12 noon, Oct. 11, at the RUH SaskTel Main Mall Lecture Theatre.

Boffin’s Beer Premiere, Oct. 13
Check out 15+ beers, including six Saskatchewan ones, at Boffin’s Beer Premiere at 7 pm, Oct. 13.

Rye and Buckwheat
For so many years, white flour has been the go-to ingredient in North American baked goods. And yet, we grow such an amazing variety of grains on the prairies! I’m delighted to see local bakers moving beyond making bread with a variety of grains to also selling sweet treats made from different local flours.

I highly recommend Earth Bound Bakery’s Buckwheat Cinnamon Buns and The Night Oven’s Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies. The grains provide a depth of flavour that’s missing in white flour products.

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature. I also post articles about food that is good, clean and fair; travel; and books. You may also enjoy EcoFriendly Sask profiling Saskatchewan environmental initiatives and events. 

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Peasant's Pick, Saskatoon Farmers' Market

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