Friday, October 28, 2016

Bonifacio, Corsica: A Clifftop Fortress

Bonifacio is at the southernmost tip of Corsica, just 12 miles across the sea from Sardinia.

It's a startling place as the old town is a fortress on a cliff. Even more surprising is the fact that the old citadel is home to approximately 3,000 people as well as being a popular tourist destination.

We went for a wild and windy boat ride in the morning to see the limestone cliffs and caves that surround Bonifacio.

In the afternoon, we explored the old city. Stone towers were used to store grain in case of a siege and a long flight of stairs leads down to a water cistern.

Among the streets full of tourist shops, there are signs of residential life.

This seagull loves to be photographed. I think he's posed for every camera-toting tourist that passed through the citadel.

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