Monday, August 21, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, August 21, 2017

Prairie Harvest Café
I was sad to learn that Prairie Harvest Café has closed its doors. It’s been one of my favorite Saskatoon restaurants since day one, and I really appreciated the fact that the chefs focused on cooking with local ingredients, many supplied by the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. All the best of luck in your new adventures. We’ll miss you.

Hug a Farmer
This has been a tough summer for many farmers. Prairie Sun Orchard lost their entire cherry crop to insects. Drop by their stand at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, tell them you care, and have an ice cream. My favorite is the chocolate cherry fudge, but Clare Pearson, the principal ice cream maker, says her new favorite is the salted caramel.

If you’re like me, you assume that all small, skinny peppers are super hot and avoid them like the plague. But that’s a big mistake. Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens is offering two long, skinny peppers – one can be hot, but the other isn’t.

Padron chile peppers are popular in tapas bars and restaurants throughout Spain but originated in South America: “The Padron was brought from the New World to Spain in the 18th Century, when Franciscans first attempted cultivating the seeds at their monestary in Herbon, near Padron. Centuries later, Padron's most famous food is its namesake chile.”

Shishito chile peppers are from Japan. They’re mildly spiced and are usually fried and served as finger food. “Originating in Japan the Shishito pepper is believed to have gotten its name from its tip end which to some resembles the head of a lion or in Japanese, shishi.”

The Union, Vancouver
I enjoyed supper with a friend at The Union in Vancouver last week. The restaurant specializes in pan-Asian cuisine. The vegan Niçoise salad included grated smoked tofu – an excellent addition and one I’ll imitate at home.

Community Gardens 
I enjoyed 4 community gardens while in Vancouver. They were ablaze with towering sunflowers, ripe pumpkins, and a whole host of other fruits and vegetables. Saskatoon has over 46 community gardens varying in size and location.

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