Sunday, July 6, 2008

Loons on Anglin Lake

Northern Saskatchewan is full of lakes, each with their own personality. My sister and I chose to spend a couple of days at Anglin Lake, a lake that neither of us had ever visited before. We rented a cottage from Land of the Loon Resort and were pleased to discover that it had a shady deck facing the lake. I spent many happy hours reading and admiring the view.

The most pleasant surprise was discovering that there were lots of loons on the lake. Loons are normally a very reclusive bird, and they stay away from people. But Anglin Lake was peaceful enough that the birds were comfortable living close to shore and sharing their habitat with humans. We went on a tour of the lake in a Gimli boat and were so excited to see a mother loon carrying her two babies on her back and a loon with a minnow in its mouth passed in front of our boat. There were lots of beaver lodges as well, including one in the river channel joining Jacobsen Bay to another section of the lake. In fact, Anglin Lake is not one lake but a series of lakes. We also saw a bear, deer with baby fawns and sandhill cranes beside the highway. And Clare went kayaking (cheap rentals from the Jacobsen Bay store).

The resort restaurant served excellent food and was happy to prepare a vegetarian meal for me with some advance notice (curried lentils and vegetables). I also enjoyed a very good meal at the Yellow Fender CafĂ© in Christopher Lake – a homemade walnut lentil burger – vegetarians are not always so fortunate when they’re on the road.

On our trip home we stopped in at the gallery of Jason Leo Bantle who takes lovely nature photographs. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the baby raccoons that he had looked after until they were ready to be reintroduced to the wild.

We also stopped for lunch and ice cream in Waskesiu. The beaches were crowded as it was a warm day, but I think I prefer Waskesiu when it is more deserted in September and October, but the ice cream sundae from Sundaes by Olaf was excellent!