Monday, October 10, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, October 10, 2016

It Takes Guts, Oct. 11 
Watch the documentary It Takes Guts and a slideshow presentation by Fred Reibin of Saskatoon Ferments on Fermentation: Simple Tools of an Ancient Practice at 2 pm, Oct. 11, at the Alice Turner Library.

Harvest Celebration, Oct. 16 
The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is celebrating the fall harvest on Sunday, October 16, with an Edible Scavenger Hunt, Squash and Spirit Sampling, and a Pumpkin Carving Competition.

Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky, Nov. 2
Enjoy an evening of sweet treats and everything you need to know about being a modern-day old-fashioned baker when Karlynn Johnston and Prairie Ink Restaurant’s chef Clint Flamand present recipes and stories from Flapper Pie and a Blue Prairie Sky – a Modern Baker’s Guide to Old-Fashioned Desserts at 7 pm, Nov. 2.

Only in Naples
American-born Katherine Wilson was only expecting to spend a few months in Naples as part of her university education, but then she met a man and his mother. Soon she had a whole new way of life and an entirely different approach to food. Only in Naples is a light-hearted but in-depth analysis of cultural differences and norms.

I’m going on holidays! Flavourful Saskatoon will be back in November. In the meantime, follow Wanderlust and Words on Facebook, Twitter, or by email (top right corner) to catch a glimpse of Nice and Corsica.

Savoury crepe at Drift Sidewalk Cafe - very tasty!

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