Tuesday, October 11, 2016

En Route - Snapshots from Vancouver

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days in Steveston and Vancouver prior to flying to Europe. I love Vancouver and am always happy to spend time here. Here's why.

False Creek displays its autumn colours.

Granville Island Market is always a riot of colour.

I'm not quite sure about some of these macaron flavours. What do you think Michelle (Wild Serendipity Foods)?

I prefer elegant chocolate designs, but these ones made me chuckle.

It's such a pleasure to walk along the Fraser River in Steveston. There are birds and boats and the old canneries and shipyard to explore.

The buffalo cauliflower tacos at the Britannia Brewing Company in Steveston were an excellent blend of spicy cauliflower and fresh salad fixings. I really enjoyed their Rye IPA, which had a refreshing grassy flavour.

If you're in Steveston, be sure to visit Sinfully the Best.

You'll have a hard time deciding which chocolates to buy, but there are generous samples to keep you occupied while you ponder this difficult decision.

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