Sunday, October 23, 2016

Driving Around Cap Corse, Corsica

The northern tip of Corsica is narrow and rocky with one minor road going round the point connecting the scattered small communities.

It's a fabulous seaside drive for cars and bicycles - but be forewarned, the roads are narrow and constantly curving. There were lots of cyclists out for the day when we drove the route on a Sunday.

The east coast is fairly low, while the west coast rises up into steep cliffs.

We took a very steep, narrow side road (our rule of thumb: don't take any road that is less than 1 1/2 lanes wide) down to the tiny coastal community of Barcaggio.

One restaurant was still open and doing a bustling business in leisurely Sunday lunches. We disappointed the owner by not being able to eat a full course, let alone three courses.

The rock around Barcaggio was astonishingly green. 

Bell towers are often separate from the church in Corsica.

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