Sunday, May 10, 2009

Take Back the Night - Spain

I am a morning person so on holidays it didn't surprise or upset me when I was always back in my hotel room early in the evening ready for an early start the next day. I wasn't sure how I would cope with the Spanish habit of eating at 2 and 10.

Surprisingly enough, I love it. I am realizing that one of the reasons I never went out on my own in the evenings when travelling was fear. I wasn't sure it would be safe. In Spain, it's different. Two evenings this week, I went out to dinner after going to a concert. Last evening I ate after I had arrived back by train from Sevilla. It was fun!

And it was very safe. There were families with babies and toddlers roaming the streets and eating in the restaurants. People, people everywhere - especially Friday night. The streets were so crowded and the stores were packed.

Of course, the other joy for me is that this is an outdoor, pedestrian culture. In fact, cars in downtown Cordoba are a huge mistake. The streets are so narrow and twisted it would be a nightmare to drive. Scooters or on foot make far more sense. What a treat to actually see people who are not surrounded by metal boxes. To be able to enjoy the little children walking with their mothers and fathers. And goodness, they are well dressed! Matching outfits and ruffled dresses.

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