Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grocery Shopping - Granada

It is such fun to have a tiny kitchen so that I can shop and prepare my own meals. It's always interesting to visit the supermarkets and bakeries and to see what they have to offer. For supper this evening, I am having a "Chardonnay jovenil" wine from the Granada area, hard-boiled quail's eggs, crusty whole-wheat bread and a tetra pak of Knorr's soup - which sounds like home except that they certainly don't sell cream of eggplant in Canada!

The second photo shows the wonderful little grocery store just off the Plaza Larga in Albaicin. It's a long, narrow store that sells a wealth of different products. And I couldn't resist a photo of the wonderful ice cream display at the Tiggiani heladeria (ice cream parlour). I am enjoying all sorts of unusual flavours of ice cream - from lemon and mango to caramelized pine nuts and sesame seeds. And there are so many more delightful flavours to look forward to!


Jen said...

Lemon and Mango sounds delicious! Caramelized pine code and sesame seed not so much :o)

Jen said...

Whoops, pine nuts not pine cones. I thought pine cones sounded odd. Oh well, still sounds strange to me!