Friday, May 8, 2009

Ney Rosauro in Concert - Cordoba

I went to a fantastic concert last evening in the Gran Teatro of Cordoba. It's a lovely theatre - large enough but not huge so it remains somewhat intimate. There are 5 balconies arranged in a horseshoe above the main floor. They're divided into loges by railings and the second row of seats are high chairs with a ledge for your feet (not particularly comfortable - if you wiggle too much, you'd topple over).

The Orquesta de Cordoba played two works by Ney Rosauro, a Brazilian musician and composer. One had a solo part for percussion on 5 large kettle drums. The second, with the soloist Rosauro himself, was for orchestra and marimba (not sure of the translation - it looks like a giant zylophone). Rosauro's music is based on Brazilian folk songs, and it's toe tapping, wish I could get up and dance music. Absolutely brilliant.

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