Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paint Me a Picture

Our minds quickly discard jargon and abstract language, but images and stories capture our imagination. Here’s what grabbed my attention at the wine store this weekend:

Fats Johnson, Prospect Winery

“A kindly older neighbor, Fats Johnson was known for loading donuts onto a long pole, and giving them away to kids as they rode by on their bicycles. His dog Tupper was a constant companion, and always by his side.”

The Big Take, Misconduct Wines

“A late night bull session leading to a caper of grape proportions. All dolls, molls and bearcats aside, they’re on the lam and the race is on to get the hooch harvest back to the joint. The berries are ready and the clams have been exchanged. All that’s left is to take the grapes for a ride and not get pinched.”

Lost Angel Wine, Eos Vintage

“Legend has it an angel came down from the sky to explore the garden of earthly delights and lost her way home. Tired of searching, she created her own paradise in the region now known as Paso Robles. So happy with her utopia on earth, a tear of joy fell from her eyes and landed in the rich, fertile soil. From the tear a vine grew reaching for the stars, trying to show the angel her way home.”

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