Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue Bread and Penguins

Playful marketing and playful products are a delight.

Penguin Biscuits
A package of McVitie’s Penguin chocolate-covered biscuits was an impulse purchase, but it brought back happy memories of bus journeys in England.

And the packaging is such fun. A playful penguin on the front and a joke on the back: “How does a penguin make pancakes?” “With its flippers.”

The website has three sections: Fun Stuff (submit your own joke), Working in Antarctica, and All About Penguins.

These are not world-class biscuits, but it’s world-class advertising.

Blue Bread
There were new varieties of bread to choose from at Earth Bound Bakery (8th Street, Saskatoon) on Saturday. The blue corn bread caught my eye, and Trent, the baker, told me how much fun he had kneading it because of the colour. It tastes great too.

I have to put in a plug for Earth Bound – great organic products fresh from the oven – we buy their bread and croissants (and sometimes their cinnamon buns) every week. And I actually get to talk to the baker when I shop here! No anonymous, mass-manufactured goods here!

Have Fun
I hope you have fun today and that your work is sometimes play. Mine certainly is.

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