Corporate Storytelling: The Partnership Story

Over the past five years, the City of Saskatoon partnered with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Saskatoon Public Schools, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and Saskatoon Soccer Centre Inc. to design, construct and operate two integrated community facilities.

I was hired to interview the key stakeholders and to prepare a report outlining the benefits and key factors involved in creating a successful partnership.

It was a fabulous project to work on. By talking to representatives of each of the partner organizations, I was able to understand the partnership from their individual perspectives. And I tried very hard when preparing the report to let their voices be heard.

Facts come to life when they are given a human voice.

The report has now been published and is available in print or online. My thanks to Sandi, Joy and Donella (as well as Carla and Jennifer) who were a delight to work with.


Jen said…
Great job on the report!

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