Monday, April 29, 2013

Flavourful Saskatoon, April 29, 2013

Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens
Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens, who sold the most delectable mini eggplants and Asian greens at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market last year, are expanding their operations and looking for more garden space. Do contact them if you can be of assistance. They’re a lovely young couple.

I had lunch at d’Lish by Tish Café last week and it was positively d'lish. The vegetable gumbo was bursting with vegetables and nice and spicy. The roasted vegetable panini, flavoured with basil pesto and cheese, was really flavourful, and Isobel enjoyed her salad.

Hops & Tapas, May 9
Head over to the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market at 6 pm on May 9 for the Hops and Tapas Fusion Experience. You’ll enjoy Loki and 1000 Monkeys Paddock Wood beer paired with six different tapas prepared by the Market tenants – Garlic Guru, Riverbend Plantation Café and Wild Cuisine & Catering.

When is a food local? The federal government says it must be grown within 50 km of the place where it is sold. The Ontario government disagrees and says that anything grown and sold within the same province is local. I agree. Wild mushrooms from northern Saskatchewan and mustard from Gravelbourg are still local.

The Perfect Meal 
Francophiles will enjoy reading The Perfect Meal: In Search of the Lost Tastes of France by John Baxter. In imagining the perfect menu for a banquet as in days of old, Baxter travels around France exploring the history and stories surrounding various food items – from anchovies to madeleines to ox roasts.

Vegan Barbecue
Are barbecues only for meat lovers? Not necessarily. I’ve had some great tempeh kebabs in my time. Now there’s a whole book full of recipes. Grilling Vegan Style by John Schlimm contains 125 recipes ranging from Italian Herb Burgers on Focaccia Bread to Seitan Flares (aka Hot Wings). (with thanks to Victor Das)

Hotels for Food Lovers
I’m ready to take an extended road trip through the United States in order to visit some of these hotels for food lovers.

Cake as Art
If you enjoy cake and modern art, be sure to check out the modern art desserts being served at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Pelican Solitaire
I’ve started a new blog – Pelican Solitaire. Absolutely no mention of food – just poetry, philosophy and photographs.

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Chantelle said...

I completely agree on the entire province being considered as local. While the 50km rule may be accurate for large centres (ie/ New York) as 50km from city's edge encompasses a very large space - not the case in Saskatchewan.

Also - Love that you pinpointed Gravelbourg mustard. I may be a bit biased being from there, but I love the stuff!