Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introducing Monastrell Wine to a World Market

I invite you to read my article about the wines of Jumilla, Spain in Palate Press. Here are two excerpts:

"I was introduced to Altos de Luzón, a wine from Jumilla, this past winter and was entranced by a small, relatively unknown wine region in southeast Spain that has been growing grapes and making wine for over 5,000 years. When I was planning a holiday in Spain, Jumilla was my go-to destination.

As I stepped off the bus from Murcia and began walking up the esplanade, the 15th century castle towered above me. It is the focal point for miles around, a sheltering presence keeping watch over the region’s 45 wineries that harvested 80 million kilos of grapes in 2010."

Keep Your Eye on Jumilla
"Although Jumilla wines do not currently enjoy wide distribution in North America, they are extremely good value for money, and I believe that we will see more and more of them on store shelves. In addition, as the wineries develop their brands and become more familiar with the export market, there will be increased differentiation. Although the primary focus at the moment is on aged Monastrell wines, I believe that the wineries will begin to introduce more blends as well as more rosados. These are wineries with a long tradition of winemaking: we can look forward to enjoying their very good wine in years to come."

Palate Press: Introducing Monastrell Wine to a World Market

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