Monday, February 13, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, February 13, 2017

Melipal Wines, Mar. 1 
Meet Irene Aristi, co-owner of Bodega Melipal, and learn more about the wines of Argentina at 7:30 pm, Mar. 1, at Co-op Liquor.

The Local Kitchen 
The Local Kitchen, 123 Avenue B South, has a retail store. There will be both food products and prepared dishes, and it will serve as an outlet for members to try out their creations on a small scale.

Chef Jenni hosts private events at The Local Kitchen. One of your options is a Black Box Challenge. She’ll create a menu, on the spot, from whatever ingredients she finds in the box.

Lettuce Soup 
The fridge was full of lettuce when I started a new housesitting assignment this week. Way too much for salad for one person, so I decided to make a batch of lettuce soup. It turned out really well with good flavour. I kept it simple with leek, potato, coconut milk, and a few flavourings – the choice is yours. There are lots and lots of recipe options online.

Food Waste Solutions 
A European contest recognizes groups that have found various ways to reduce food waste. My vote is going to the Transition Café in Fishguard, Wales. I’m looking forward to having a meal there next month.

Tempting Kids into the Kitchen 
Table of Delights, a British children’s cooking website, is a mix of silly and educational: “So the site has songs about sardines and stories about murdered beetroots (‘Kids love something a bit macabre,’ notes Thomson) alongside information about how to turn cream into vampire blood, recipes for stargazy pie and detailed lesson plans for teachers.” (The Guardian)

And, for a slightly older audience, there are YouTube videos from SORTEDfood.

I ran across two patisseries in central Paris selling nothing but tiny puff pastries - the next new thing?

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