Monday, January 2, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, January 2, 2017

Multicultural Cooking Class, Jan. 13 
The Saskatchewan German Council is offering a Germany Meets Norway cooking class on Jan. 13 at Saskatoon Centennial Collegiate.

Robbie Burns Day Celebrations
Here are some options if you want to celebrate Robbie Burns Night on Jan. 25:
Burns Night at Winston’s (over 25 scotch, scottish ales, themed cocktails, and haggis)
Robbie Burns Day Dinner, Glen at Crossmount (food, music, entertainment)
Scotch Tasting and Celebration, Saskatoon Co-op Liquor

Living Well in Forest Grove 
Two sisters have opened Living Well in Forest Grove. The store sells organic, non-GMO products “from spices, teas, dried fruits and trail mixes along with an assortment of organic and all-natural beauty products from soaps to multi-flavoured lip balms.” In addition, they offer homemade jewellery, children’s clothing and toys.

‘Chicken Fingers’ Made From Peas 
For 8 years, the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre has been working on an array of imitation meats. “It has developed substitutes for ginger beef and chicken kabobs, and ‘bacon is very, very close,’ Hood-Niefer said. It’s also possible to make pulled pork, roast beef and ham, and something like a jerky is the next thing likely to come out.”

Market Concierge
In Dijon, France, a concierge will shop in your place at the market and deliver the food to your home. You can order online and the concierge will offer suggestions and recipes to help you make your choice.

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