Monday, January 16, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, January 16, 2017

Canning Class, Jan. 19 
Learn how to can berry jams and a simple tomato sauce at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre from 12:30-3:30 pm, Jan. 19.

Workshops at Intuitive Path Superfoods, Jan. 21-22 
This month’s focus at Intuitive Path Superfood workshops is Healthy Digestion:
Jan. 21, 1:30-3 pm – Probiotics 101 & Fermentation
Jan. 22, 2:30-3 pm – Mind-Body-Food
Jan. 22, 3-3:30 pm – Mind-Full

City Centre Food Co-operative Town Hall, Jan. 24
The City Centre Food Co-operative is hosting a town hall to find out more about their community’s retail food needs and to get the community’s help in shaping their Pop-Up Produce Market. The Town Hall is scheduled for 6:45-9 pm, Jan. 24, in the City Park Collegiate library.

Herb Garden Class, Jan. 27 
The Glen at Crossmount is hosting a workshop on growing your own herbs from 1:30-3 pm, Jan. 27.

Taste of Italy Wine Class & Tasting, Jan. 27 
Learn about and taste Italian wines at the Glen at Crossmount, 7-9 pm, Jan. 27.

Britain’s Poshest Restaurant
Take a look behind the scenes at Britain’s poshest restaurant.

Vegetarian Tacos
This sounds like an interesting recipe for making vegetarian tacos with quinoa meat.

Milanese Raisin Bread 
If you love home-baked bread and raisins, you’ll want to try this recipe for Pantramvai that’s half flour, half raisins.

Leakers Bakery
I picked up a variety of bread products from Leakers Bakery at the Christchurch Market last Monday (photos). There has been a bakery at their Bridport, Dorset, location since the 1830s. The on-site ovens were originally coal-fired. They now use the coal pit at the rear of the bakery to store their organic flour.

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature. I also post articles about food that is good, clean and fair; travel; and books. You may also enjoy EcoFriendly Sask profiling Saskatchewan environmental initiatives and events. 

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