Monday, September 19, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, September 19, 2016

Migrating Moon Indigenous Plants and Food Gather, Oct. 2 
As part of Culture Days, Wanuskewin Heritage Park is hosting Migrating Moon Indigenous Plants and Food Gather on Oct. 2. It will include an indigenous survival foods walk.

Evening Market Launch, Oct. 5
Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is launching their weekly evening market (Wednesdays, 4-7 pm) on Oct. 5 with 30+ vendors, a cooking demo with Chef Jenni, face painting, music, and more.

Rubbish, Oct. 19
The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is celebrating its 25th anniversary with Rubbish, a 3-course meal prepared by The Hollows that will demonstrate how you can use “rubbish” such as beet leaves, carrot tops, or fruit pits to create a meal. There will also be a special “garbage” beer from Nine Mile Brewery.

Nosh Pop-Up, Nov. 3/4 (Moose Jaw) 
Chef Justin O’Reilly of Nosh Eatery & Tap and Common Café + Bakery, Moose Jaw, will be offering a collaborative 4-course dinner with drink pairings on Nov. 3 & 4 in Moose Jaw. Tickets are available from Common Café.

Authentic Local Cider 
Crossmount’s dry, crisp Flat Lander cider was very popular at EcoFriendly Sask’s birthday celebration last week. This is authentic cider, not the really sweet mainstream products that are normally sold in North America. Give it a try.

Local Papaya! 
Grandora Gardens is growing papayas in their greenhouse. If we’re lucky, there will be a few for sale this fall. Unbelievably exciting!

A City Park Grocery Store? 
The former Shop Easy on 7th Avenue in City Park has been sold. Plans call for the building to be split into multiple units, including a tenant selling fresh food.

Natural Wines (Regina)
If you’re in Regina, check out the natural wines brought in by Merawine at Willow Park.

Real Junk Food Project
It’s awesome to see UK schools fighting hunger with waste food. One school offers a daily breakfast; others have food boutiques where families can take home free food which would otherwise be thrown out. To showcase what was possible one school, in collaboration with the Real Junk Food Project, fed 10,000 children across Leeds last autumn, entirely with waste food.

New Food Trends 2016 
Take a look at some of the upcoming food trends as identified by Pinterest. There are lots of spices (saffron, turmeric, basil, cinnamon), but honey, coconut (including coconut bacon), and chickpeas also make the list.

20 Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink 
This year’s 20 most innovative American women in food and drink are concerned about food waste, transparency, local, and sustainability.

Photos: Photographs are from the Hampton Free Methodist Church’s International Festival of Flavour on Sept. 17. The event was a wonderful celebration of cultural diversity and community.

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