Monday, September 12, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, September 12, 2016

Sept. Wine & Spirits Tastings
Saskatoon Co-op’s Liquor Store in Blairmore is hosting a variety of tastings in September – from gin on Sept. 16 to Venetian wine on Sept. 23.

Some Like It Hot, Sept. 24 
Grandora Gardens is hosting its second annual chile tasting event on Sept. 24 at 11 am. Taste some of their spicy peppers as well as hot sauces and food samples made with their chiles.

Fermentation Mob, Sept. 24 
From the Earth to the Crock: a Fermentation Mob on Sept. 24 will go through the entire lacto-fermentation process from harvesting vegetables to processing and packing into jars and crocks. Everyone who participates will be able to take home some ferments to enjoy.

Power of Food Workshop, Sept. 27
Caitlin Peiris, Registered Dietitian, is offering a day-long workshop for collective kitchen leaders, staff and parents of Nutrition Positive Schools, Community Peer leaders and volunteers, and Good Food Box volunteers on Sept. 27. Topics will include finding reliable nutrition information and understanding how food affects our health.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors, Sept. 29
The Glen at Crossmount is offering a workshop on growing herb indoors from 6-8 pm, Sept. 29.

Dinner, Wine & Salt Block Cooking, Oct. 5 
Exclusive Wellness is partnering with Noelle Chorney, local chef, and Doug Reichel, Doug’s Wines, for a night of wine, food, and lessons on how to cook with Himalayan blocks and salt products on Oct. 5.

Vegetarian Harvest Dinner, Nov. 10 
A fundraising dinner for Vinyasa Yoga and Youth on Nov. 10 will include 5 courses created by 5 chefs – all vegetarian.

On-Campus Food Options 
The Sheaf has published a guide to vegetarian and gluten-free options at the University of Saskatchewan.

If you’re in Regina, Chef Moe Mathieu is upping the standards for cafeteria food at Luther College.

locally grown sweet potatoes from WorldAway Farm

Vegan Eggless Eggs 
This is fascinating. A ramen restaurant in Los Angeles went to a lot of effort to make eggless eggs that look like the real deal.

Chef’s Table France
I’ve watched the first episode of Chef’s Table France and loved it as the chef switches from meat-focused to vegetable-focused dishes and still retains 3 Michelin stars.

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