Monday, September 26, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, September 26, 2016

Oct. Wine & Spirits Tastings at Co-Op Liquor Store 
Saskatoon Co-op’s Liquor Store in Blairmore is hosting various tastings in October. Sample a variety of wines while enjoying the music of the Saskatoon Symphony’s new artists on Oct. 6. The spotlight is on Spain on Oct. 14, and a new session of the International Sommelier Guild’s Wine Fundamentals Level I begins on Oct. 16.

Vegetarian Diner Grand Opening, Oct. 1 (Regina) 
The Hunter Gatherer Vegetarian Diner in Regina is holding a grand opening from 10 am10 pm, Oct. 1. All proceeds will go towards the rezoning fee that is required for the purchase of a permanent liquor license.

Campus Farmers’ Market 
Saskatoon Farmers’ Market vendors will be selling their wares on campus one Friday of every month from September until April. Upcoming markets are on Oct. 14 and Nov. 18.

World’s First Waste Supermarket 
At the world’s first waste supermarket, you pay what you can for food that has been rescued and would otherwise be thrown out.

Cheddar – Will It Be Orange or White? 
Which do you prefer – orange cheddar or white? 

“Next time you’re walking down the snack aisle of your local supermarket, notice how cheese-flavored things in the regular chip aisle hem toward neon orange on the spectrum—the Doritos, the Cheetos, the Ritz Bits, and Cheez-Its. But when you venture into the organic aisle, the tone palette shifts, and shelves are filled with baked white-cheddar Cheetos puffs, white-cheddar popcorn, and even vegan mac and cheese with vegan white-cheddar flavor, wherever that comes from. 

“There is a cheese trend that castigates orange cheddar as inferior (i.e., it is probably mass produced, probably full of artificial ingredients, probably related to American cheese in some way) because it is orange. But I have a hard truth to share with those shunning orange cheddar just because of the color of its complexion: white cheddar can be a lie, too.” 

Powerful Mushroom Flavour 
This sounds like an interesting technique for getting the maximum flavour out of mushrooms and providing you with both gravy and crispy mushrooms.

Power Vegetables Pantry 
Here are 12 ingredients designed to supercharge your vegetable cooking.

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