Monday, December 15, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, December 15, 2014

Norwich Market

Prairie Sun Brewery Kitchen Opening, Dec. 16 
Tom Brown, Wild Cuisine Catering, has opened a kitchen at Prairie Sun Brewery, so you can enjoy a meal along with your beer. The launch of the Moose Tracks beer and the kitchen opening are being celebrated with a 3-course beer dining menu on Dec. 16.

Vegan New Year’s Eve Dinner, Dec. 31 
The Odd Couple restaurant will be serving a five-course vegan New Year’s Eve dinner (and a 5-course Oriental menu), including Stuffed Asian Eggplant, Hot Pot, and Dark Chocolate Jin Duei.

Beer & Pizza 
The Woods Alehouse has started a crowdfunding campaign to help them purchase a pizza oven. Perks range from a piece of pie to a pizza party.

Norwich Market

Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks
Vancouver’s neighbourhood food networks are collaborating on food initiatives and programs – from community gardens to emergency food programs and food-based education and celebrations. It's interesting to see neighbourhoods (as opposed to cities or government organizations) taking responsibility for food.

BC Ice Wines 
2014 is a good year for BC’s ice wines. “When asked about the outlook for this year’s harvest CEO of Summerhill, Ezra Cipes, commented that, ‘to make outstanding Icewine you need to start with outstanding grapes, and 2014 was one of the best Okanagan growing seasons ever. Now to have this cold snap so early in November, and harvest our Icewine grapes before the birds get them is making us all smile and sing around the winery. This is a blessed vintage.”

Ordinary People Can Make a Difference 
One palm-oil trader after another has committed to halting deforestation in response to public pressure. Here’s how and why the consumer lobby movement has succeeded.

Norwich covered market is open 6 days a week

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