Monday, December 29, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, Dec. 29, 2014

As you look ahead to 2015, consider attending one or both of these events.

Saskatoon Food Bank Community Consultation, Feb. 4
The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre welcomes your input at their community consultation on Feb. 4:

“At the SFBLC we believe it’s time to look at the issue of community food security with a new lens. For the past year we have been exploring new way of operating that expand our impact beyond redistributing of food and programmatic responses. We believe that by transforming the way our food bank functions we can enhance our contribution to a healthy food system, expand learning opportunities, strengthen social connections and build community wellness. We all want to live in a community where food banks are unnecessary. A community where everyone has access to safe, appropriate, nutritious food. How can we progress to that end?” 

For additional information, contact

Terra Madre St. Laurent & Slow Food Canada National Meeting
Slow Food Canada will be holding its annual meeting from April 23-26 in Montreal. The meeting will be held in conjunction with Terra Madre St. Laurent, the first regional meeting of food communities for northeast America.

There will be 24 Earth workshops (forums), 10 Conferences, 8 Taste workshops, and an exhibit space for local and international Slow Food projects. Here’s the registration information.

Preeceville Restaurant 
A Facebook friend invited me to like Vesela’s International Kitchen in Preeceville. It looks attractive. If you live near there, do check it out and let me know what you think.

Vegan Butchers
There are now at least 4 vegan butchers in Australia, Canada and the United States. It will be interesting to see how they evolve:

“Some people don’t care much for meat and can happily switch teams, but others — the vast majority of us — love the taste of burgers and ribs and Italian sausage with fervor. By identifying their products by what’s not in them (“meat-free meat”), or their businesses by something they’re not doing (animal butchery), these vegan alternatives are fighting a battle that seems difficult to win. It’ll be interesting to see whether they evolve to be more than imitations of beloved foods; the day when we can lose the scare quotes and stand proudly by what they are, not what they’re replacing.” 

300-Year-Old Persimmon Beer 
Craft breweries love to experiment, so many of them are trying out historic recipes, such as one for beer made with persimmons:

“It’s a fun idea; you not only get to play around with recipes and combinations and procedures you may not have tried before, but you also get a sense for what people were drinking way back when — and in turn, how they were living.” 

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