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Flavourful Saskatoon, December 19, 2011

Foodie news and events in and around Saskatoon – from quail eggs to cheese-making, market dinners and an edible education

Chef’s Dinner, January 19
The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market will be hosting monthly Chef’s Dinners in 2012. Anthony McCarthy, Executive Chef at the Saskatoon Club and Saskatchewan’s 2011 Gold Medal Plate winner, will prepare a five-course meal and wine pairing on January 19. Chefs Brent Lloyd and Mike McKeown (Prairie Harvest Café) are lined up for later in the year.

Market Cooking Classes, January
Judy Thiesson, the Market’s Events Coordinator, also has plans for cooking classes, starting with a Mexican cooking class in January with Linda Ortiz who sells fresh salsas, flour and corn tortillas at the Market.

I sampled Linda’s quesadillas with a nopal (cactus) filling this week, and they were delicious.

Cheese-Making 101, January 30-31
The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. will be offering a cheese-making workshop on January 30 and 31 at the Food Centre in Saskatoon. The workshop will focus on the fundamentals of cheese-making incorporating hands-on and classroom training. Additional information will be available from the Food Centre in January (

Something’s Cooking, Saskatoon Farmers’ Market
The Agrium Market Kitchen is now open at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, and Chef Eli has been transforming the vendors’ fresh produce into fabulous meals.

Take a look at the marinated tomato salad with micro greens that I sampled on Wednesday. Cutting the carrots from Wally’s Urban Garden on an angle enhanced their colourfulness. The lentil dahl topped with yogurt from Hounjet Orchards was fabulous, and so was the Sea Buckthorn Cheesecake with Wild Cherry Compote. And all the ingredients can be purchased from local producers selling their products weekly at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market.

Another local blogger wrote about the dishes she sampled on Saturday in Stewing at the Agrium Market Kitchen.

It’s definitely worth your while to visit the Market at lunchtime – you never know what tasty treats you may enjoy!

Quail Eggs, Souleio
Souleio is now selling locally-raised quail eggs.

According to Wikipedia, hard-boiled quail egg is a common topping on hot dogs and hamburgers in Colombia and Venezuela, while kwek-kwek, soft-boiled quail eggs dipped in orange-coloured batter before being skewered and deep fried, is a popular street food in the Philippines. In Vietnam, street stalls sell bags of boiled quail eggs.

I’ve eaten hard-boiled quail eggs several times in Europe and thought they made a great addition to a picnic because of their small size.

An Edible Education, Michael Pollan
Edible Education 101: A Complete Course on Modern Food Production, a University of California, Berkeley, course organized by Michael Pollan is now available on YouTube. The Atlantic has prepared a handy compilation of the presentations by guest speakers, including Raj Patel and Alice Waters.

Hudson’s Tap House, February
A Hudson’s Tap House will be opening at 401 21st Street East in February. They currently have 5 locations in Edmonton and 2 in Calgary and seem to specialize in local artisan beers. Do let me know if you can provide me with any additional information.

I’ve also heard that a Cactus Club Café will be opening on Idylwyld within the next couple of years.

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature; however, I will not be posting on December 26. I’ll be back again on January 2. Happy holidays to you all!

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