Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the Love of Reading

I love to read – to learn, to understand and to enjoy. I read voraciously, and a day is not complete if I have not made time to read.

And yet, I’m in the minority. An Ipsos Reid survey showed that 31% of Canadians did not read a single book for pleasure in 2007. Reading Canadians read an average of 22 books a year – from a high of 33 books per year in British Columbia to 15 in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

My book reading habit will skew the averages. I read 148 books in 2009, 63 of which were non-fiction.

P.S. My brother read 140 books.

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Stephanie V said...

That's 3 books a week! And if you've skewed the SK average, what are the rest doing in your province?

I totally agree about the inability to go a day without reading. I can't understand why, if one can read, why one wouldn't. There's so much to learn about my favorite subject: people.