Monday, April 30, 2018

Flavourful Saskatoon, April 30, 2018

Learn and Play Café 
Two young women are opening a kid-friendly café at 441-34th Street East. Learn and Play Café will have food both adults and kids will enjoy, organized activities three times a day, and classes, such as yoga and painting, that parents can enjoy alongside their kids. It sounds like fun.

Prairie Sun Moves to Broadway 
Prairie Sun Brewery hopes to move a microbrewery and restaurant onto the former site of the Farnham Block by this winter.

You don’t have to head to India to eat tsampa. Daybreak Mill sells traditional tsampa made from their own barley that that is sprouted, roasted, and blended with rolled barley flakes and just a touch of Himalayan Sea Salt. The Dalai Lama starts his day with tsampa mixed with tea and butter made from yak’s milk (cow’s milk butter can be substituted if you don’t have a handy neighbourhood yak).

Piece a’ Pizza 
Una Pizza & Wine was packed last Monday evening. I enjoyed the pizza. Maybe next time it will be warm enough to eat outside on their patio.

Almost Vegan 
You know that a vegan diet is coming into its own when you read about an almost-vegan restaurant critic. Three cheers for chefs and critics who recognize that a classy meal doesn’t have to involve meat.
That’s Not Waste – It’s Good Food
A Vancouver social enterprise plans to take surplus produce and turn it into new food products that will be distributed to food bank members and eventually sold.

In the UK, Marks & Spencer will soon be selling beer made from surplus bread from a sandwich factory. And in case you did a double take at the idea of a sandwich factory – Marks & Spencer sells 92.7 million pre-packaged sandwiches a year – and they’re just one of many businesses offering ready-to-eat lunches.

Food for Bookworms
Food Tank is recommending 20 new books about food and agriculture this spring. I’d be interested in reading about the lost crops of Africa, the Italian town that banned pesitcides, and the wildcrafting brewer.

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