Monday, April 23, 2018

Flavourful Saskatoon, April 23, 2018

What could be nicer than sunshine and brunch with a good friend at City Perks Coffee Shop!

Living Sky Café Reopens, May 4 
Living Sky Café is re-opening at a downtown location (245 3rd Ave. S) on May 4.

Saskatoon Berries, Food Carts, and Spoken Word, May 5 
Join AKA Artist-Run and CHEP Good Food Inc. for the launch of Locals Only on May 5. Locals Only is a multi-year art project exploring food security, community-led resource development, and intergenerational exchange. This summer’s activities include re-indigenizing Riversdale’s ecology by planting Saskatoon Berry shrubs and mobile art and food carts. The launch includes an afternoon spoken word and Indigenous plant teachings workshop.

Mother’s Day Tea Party, May 13
The Glen at Crossmount is hosting a Mother’s Day Tea Party with a Mary Poppins/Alice in Wonderland theme (music, costumes, special guests) from 2-4 pm, May 13.

Such an elegant way to serve tea from Camellia Sinensis, my favorite provider of loose tea - thank you City Perks!

Eat North Rising Awards, May 20
Grade 12 high school students and full-time post-secondary students are invited to submit fictional stories in three categories (culinary, food service, and agricultural production) by May 20 for a chance to win one of Eat North’s inaugural Rising Awards.

Driven by Curiosity
Mediamatic, a creative think tank based in Amsterdam, looks at food through the lens of art to come up with innovative and even surprising ideas around sustainability. They’re making bowls out of fungus, reading Tolstoy to cabbages, and inviting visitors to solder their own robotic insects.

World’s Largest Oregano Producer 
Take a look and listen to the president of what may well be the world’s largest oregano processing facility.

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