Monday, June 26, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, June 26, 2017

Rozendal Vinegar
12-year aged Rozendal Botanical Vinegar is now available online from Doug’s Wines. Our family’s favorite is hibiscus, but you can try them all in a special introductory offer.

Looking for a local craft beer? Check out this interactive map shows the location of craft breweries and distilleries across Saskatchewan.

Güd Eats 
Güd Eats, Saskatchewan’s first entirely plant-based food truck, is now in operation. They pride themselves on offering crave-worthy plant-based eats.

Flavourful BC 
I’m in Victoria, BC, for the summer. I visited the Very Good Butchers this week, and I’ll be back again. They are a family-owned, plant-based butchery. They use 100% vegan, organic ingredients and local products whenever possible. Their “Roast Beast” slices were firm and tasty.

I’ve been looking for an authentic vegan equivalent to the cheese I love and have finally found one. Miyoko’s Kitchen makes cultured nut products. Their Aged English Smoked Farmhouse is sharp and smoky and absolutely delicious. I’m looking forward to trying some of their other flavours. Unfortunately, distribution is limited in Canada. They’re available at Morningside Bakery on Saltspring Island, Pepper’s in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, and supposedly can be ordered online from or

The End of Fairtrade?
Sainsbury’s, a large British supermarket chain, is planning to pull out of Fairtrade and establish its own corporate system for branding “fairly traded” products. Tea farmers in Africa are concerned, asking why there is a need to change a system that’s been working well for 25 years, ensuring farmers receive a fair price for their product as well as providing social and environmental benefits. Fairtrade certification has also provided consumers with a guarantee of a certain fixed standard. Now that corporates are going it on their own, consumers will be forced to trust the corporation rather than an independent certification.

Beyond Meatless Mondays
Here are five excellent ideas for getting more plant-based food on North American plates, including training more chefs to cook less meat.

Past & Future of Urban Grocery Shopping 
Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America by Michael Ruhlman chronicles the history and evolution of grocery stores. Topics range from supermarkets and niche stores to online delivery and food deserts.

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Catherine said...

Have fun on the west coast! If you get out to the Gordon Head neighbourhood of Victoria, check out Township coffee
The sausage rolls are outstanding and on a hot day the island farms ice cream affogato is just super.