Monday, November 14, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, November 14, 2016

World Wines Come and Go Tasting, Nov. 19 
Talk to Co-op’s sommelier team and industry representatives as you enjoy wine and cheese on Nov. 19 from 2-3 and 7-9 pm. Tickets cost $26.75.

Agriculture in a Changing Climate, Nov. 24-26 
The National Farmers’ Union will be discussing Agriculture in a Changing Climate at their annual convention, Nov. 24-26 in Saskatoon. The public is invited to hear Kent Mullinix speak about revitalizing family-based agriculture and farming communities while advancing food and farming systems that embody environmental stewardship, social equity, justice, and economic viability at 7 pm, Nov. 24.

Prairie Bee Meadery, Moose Jaw
I was interested to learn that Prairie Bee Meadery is Saskatchewan’s first and only honey meadery. They’re located just west of Moose Jaw and use locally produced honey and fruit, most of it grown on their own land.

Coffee Week in Edmonton
Edmonton’s coffee community joined forces to present a week of coffee-related events in October. There was everything from latte art and home brewing to embroidery and speed dating. Wouldn’t it be fun to hold a similar event in Saskatoon?

France Goes Organic 
Organic food sales in France increased by 20% in 2016. 5.8% of France’s total farmland is now organic and 200 new specialty stores opened in the past year. So it’s not just my imagination that sees organic food option everywhere!

World’s First Vegan Supermarket Chain 
Veganz, a 100% vegan European supermarket chain, is coming to Portland, Oregon. “Veganz imports goods from 30 countries worldwide and sells thousands of vegan products, including plant milk and cream, fake meats and fish, vegan ice creams, vegan cheeses and sweets, as well as toiletries and cosmetics.”

Carrageenan is Everywhere. Is It Safe? 
Carrageenan is made from seaweed and used as a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier in many different food products. It sounds innocuous, but is it?

A Mushroom Geek’s Guide to Canadian Mushrooms
Here’s an interesting article about mushrooms that are available in Canada, how to use them, and why they’re good for you.

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