Friday, November 11, 2016

Ajaccio: Markets, Ships & Traffic

Ajaccio (pronounced a-jack-so), the capital of Corsica, is halfway up the island’s west coast. It’s a big, busy city, and our downtown hotel was a culture shock after staying at quiet, out of the way places.

A cruise ship was in port so the city was even busier than usual.

The waterfront in the commercial part of Ajaccio isn’t very attractive, but just around the point of the old city, the residential area has a very attractive waterfront with a curving beach lined with palm trees.

The Saturday market was crowded with lots and lots of different food options.

Just a couple of blocks away a smaller market with antiques and bric a brac was being set up. It seemed somewhat out of place in the large, formal square.

In the afternoon, we visited the A Cupulatta Turtle Sanctuary. I’d never seen so many turtles of so many different varieties in one place. It was very cool.

We then took a drive out along the coast.


Helen Woodhouse said...

What a wonderful insight ... I almost feel like I'm there! Awesome photos.

Penny McKinlay said...

Thank you, Helen!