Monday, August 8, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, August 8, 2016

What a view from a shopping mall parking lot!

Canning 101, Aug. 17
CHEP Good Food Inc. is offering a canning workshop from 6-9 pm, August 17. Space is limited. Call 306-655-4575 ext 232 or email to register.

Ethical Eats! Mystery Box Challenge, Aug. 17 (Regina) 
Chef Jenni and Chef Mariana Brito will be participating in an outdoor cooking competition using local, fair trade, and organic ingredients on Regina’s Scarth Street Mall, Regina, Aug. 17.

YXE Farmers’ Market Anniversary, Aug. 20 
Help the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market celebrate its 41st anniversary on Aug. 20.

Dinner with Chef Francis, Aug. 23 
The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is hosting a dinner with Chef Rich Francis on Aug. 23.

7 Steps for Composing Your Salad like a Chef
“Salads often double as dumping grounds. Half a head of romaine from a week ago? In. Some kale? In! Cherry tomatoes? Get in there! Celery? In! Chickpeas? In! Curry powder? In she goes! 

But our Test Kitchen Chef Josh is delicate-footed with his valuable summer produce: Rather than close his eyes, toss everything in a bowl, and hope it works, he's figured out a salad schematic that will make one hero vegetable its very best self—that features it without manipulating it.” 

BC blueberries

Community Ovens Making a Comeback
Community ovens have a long history, particularly in France, and they’re making a comeback.

“Lovens—which says it promotes “ovens without borders”—has not only sought to teach about the scholarly qualities of community ovens, but the charitable reach of the practice. They’ve built metal, wheeled ovens to serve the homeless in Brighton Beach, and launched the Ovens for Peace program, which repurposes discarded Bulgarian military ovens into mobile wood-fire units for use at refugee camps and orphanages.” 

Edible Flowers 
Check out this list of 10 edible flowers.

Bar Crawl to Save Chicago Bus Route
I’m a great believer in promoting local businesses and public transit, so the idea of holding a bar crawl to get people using a bus route sounds like a great idea to me.

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