Monday, August 15, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, August 15, 2016

Urban Agriculture 
Interested in urban agriculture? Attend one of Action on Saskatoon’s Urban Agriculture Plan’s community meetings from now until Sept. 1.

Bokashi Composting, Aug.24
The Saskatoon Compost Coaches will be giving a free workshop on bokashi composting at the Garden Patch on Aug. 24. Bokashi uses inoculated bran to ferment food waste in buckets before adding it to the soil. You can add everything from the usual fruit and vegetable waste to cooked food, meat, and dairy.

Ciderday Sunday, Aug. 28 
Crossmount Cider Company is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. They’re currently selling three kinds of local cider. Their first Ciderday Sunday is from 12-3 pm, Aug. 28, with a barbecue, dessert, tastings, and tours.

Sustainable Gourmet Dinner, Sept. 17 
The Saskatchewan Environmental Society’s Sustainable Gourmet Dinner is Sept. 17. If you’ve never attended, you’re missing a treat – great food from great chefs and excellent vegetarian options.

A Taste of the Arts, Oct. 14
A Taste of the Arts, Persephone Theatre’s fundraiser on Oct. 14, will feature a tasting of over 30 different wines paired with appetizers and desserts.

Local Veg. at the Co-op 
“As part of Co-op’s Grown at Home initiative, local farmers will harvest more than 500 acres of vegetables grown exclusively for Co-op in 2016. That’s almost 100 acres more than last year, when the Prairie Fresh Food Corporation (PFFC), a group of 17 Saskatchewan producers, grew over one million kilograms (2.3 million pounds) of fresh vegetables for Co-op members and customers.”

Eugénie Brazier, 6 Michelin Stars 
Eugénie Brazier was the first chef to hold 6 Michelin stars simultaneously. It would be 65 years before Alain Ducasse achieved the same distinction. And yet Brazier’s name is almost forgotten – what a shame.

Let’s Demand a Better Banana 
“Anyone who likes bananas deserves to have good bananas, and the best bananas are so far superior to the Cavendish that a higher price, even a much higher price, would probably be acceptable to a lot of consumers. We just have to do a little work to make it happen. Bananas are like politics, I guess, or social justice. You don’t get change without demanding it.

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