Monday, May 9, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, May 9, 2016

British cider tasting at Ingredients Artisan Market

Action on Saskatoon’s Urban Agriculture Plan 
Students from the University of Saskatchewan are investigating how to promote urban agriculture projects within Saskatoon. They are looking for people to participate in small group discussions about how to create urban agriculture projects within all the different neighbourhoods. To be contacted about meetings in your area, visit to register.

Salsa in a Pot, May 12 & 24 
Plant a pot with all the essential herbs and vegetables for salsa at Dutch Growers on May 12 and 24.

Good Beer & Good Food, May 13 
SoomSoom Food Truck will be at 9 Mile Legacy Brewing from 4-7 pm, May 13. They recommend you bring an appetite and an empty growler.

Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos @noshyxe

Opening a Plant-Based Restaurant 
From cattle farming, hunting, and fishing to chef of a plant-based restaurant – Justin O’Reilly outlines the first two years of Nosh Eatery & Tap from his perspective.

Simple is Good 
I had khichdi at Karma Café’s fundraiser on May 6 and it brought home to me once again that food doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated to taste great. Khichdi is a traditional Indian dish of rice and lentils. Karma Café served it with ghee or coconut oil, mango pickles, onions, and a finely-chopped tomato and cucumber salad.

According to Wikipedia, khichdi is one of the first solid foods that babies in India eat. It was the inspiration for the Anglo-Indian dish kedgeree, and the Egyption dish kushari.

Flavour is All in the Brain
“These days, neuroscientists are telling us that flavor is all in the brain. Flavor is a perception, an experience that’s constructed in the brain. Food is made up of molecules, and molecules by themselves don’t have any sensory qualities. Our experience of food is sensory: there’s taste and smell and pungency, texture and temperature. The chemical and physical materials that generate these sensations in us do not, by themselves, have any of those qualities.”

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature. I also post regular profiles of culinary entrepreneurs, new restaurants and new food products. 

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