Monday, May 16, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, May 16, 2016

Fair Trade: What’s In It For Me, May 19 
Enjoy a glass of fair trade wine and tasty local food while listening to presentations from Sean McHugh (Canadian Fair Trade Network), George Fouffas (Consumer Services, U of S), and SCIC's Ethical Eats project at 7 pm, May 19, at The Stand.

Saskatoon Seed Library, May 25 
The Saskatoon Seed Library will be hosting a planting day at 7 pm, May 25, at the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre’s Garden Patch.

Learn How to Grow Herbs, May 26
Dutch Growers Saskatoon is offering a workshop on how to grow herbs on May 26.

Earth Bound Ice Cream
Earth Bound Bakery is now serving organic ice cream and organic dairy-free sorbet.

Cookies and Buns
I really enjoyed Night Oven Bakery’s Khorasan (kamut) cookie with chopped pecans and apricots topped with a large dollop of housemade blood orange jam. It’s very light, not too sweet, and feels so healthy while also being totally delicious.

For something a little more decadent, try the sugar-coated croissant bun filled with flavoured (Earl Grey, coconut) cream. I haven’t tasted this one yet, but it looks good.

Underground Café 
Underground Café is now serving breakfast from 7:30 am to 11:30 am, Monday to Friday. They have waffles, scones, breakfast sandwiches, and mini cinnamon buns.

24 Varieties of Asian Rice 
Purple, black, red – rice comes in so many different varieties. I found this Lucky Peach article by Naomi Duguid very interesting as it explains how the locals use each of the different types of Asian rice. In Bali, black rice is used for temple offerings and sticky sweet desserts. Basmati is best when it’s been aged for several years before being milled and sold.

Wine, Elephants, and Gloopy Caramel 
I like clever, funny advertising that catches my attention without pushing itself in my face. Two of my edible birthday presents are a visual delight.

There is an amazing amount of detail in the label for Michael David Winery’s Petite Petit wine. Here’s the caption from the back of the bottle: “Step right up. Come & see the greatest duo in history Petite Sirah Petit Verdot Pachyderm Brothers . . . stars of the show! One can dance, one can sing, both do juggle fiery rings. One can dribble, one can dunk, both do brag of very large trunks. So step right up to centre stage and prepare yourself to be amazed.” 

Coop’s Microcreamery Salted Caramel comes with special instructions for opening the jar, which is covered with a wax imitation of caramel drips. On the website, you’ll find a photo of Coop holding a jar of caramel sauce and riding on a ca(ra)mel.

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