Monday, November 23, 2015

Flavourful Saskatoon, November 23, 2015

Plant This Movie, Nov. 27 
Saskatoon Food Council kicks off its monthly Urban Ag Film screening at 7 pm, Nov. 27, with Plant This Movie, showing the state of urban farming around the world.

Hot Sauce Tasting, Nov. 28
El Mercado Las Palapas is holding a tasting of all 16 of their hot sauces between 12 and 5 pm, Nov. 28. Purchase your favourite and receive a 10% discount.

Tea and Warm Elixir Lab, Nov. 28 
Intuitive Path Superfoods is hosting a Tea and Warm Elixir Lab at 2 pm, Nov. 28. Kai Hicks will share his ultimate ingredients for optimal health.

Frostfest, Dec. 12 
The Glen at Crossmount is hosting Frost Fest from 1-5 pm, Dec. 12. There will be craft and baking vendors, a chance to visit with Santa, winter games, and hot apple cider.

Community Greenhouse Feasibility Study 
The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre commissioned a Community Greenhouse Feasibility Study. A summary of the results is now available online. The proposed Food Discovery Centre would incorporate a year-round greenhouse, seasonal gardens, a food preparation and processing kitchen, retail and training space, and sustainable energy systems.

Here’s additional information from a discussion I had with Brit MacDonald, Community Developer/Urban Agriculture Manager, earlier this year.

Hunger in Saskatoon
The 2015 HungerCount report has been released, showing that 26,727 people received food from a food bank in Saskatchewan in March, an increase of 50.6% from 2008. 45% of those helped were children – the highest among all the provinces.

Café Noir Espresso Bar 
Café Noir Espresso Bar is open from 10 am to 10 pm on Saturdays and from 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays. They’re serving breakfast, brunch, and specialty coffees. The brunch menu includes crepes, cranberry orange & cream clafoutis, raspberry & almond scones, and carrot cake.

Diet & Evolution 
We’ve switched from a high-fiber diet with lots of fruits and vegetables to a high-protein-and-fat diet, and in the process we may have permanently altered our intestinal microbes. Unfortunately, that could be affecting our health.

“Scientists suspect our intestinal community of microbes, the human microbiota, calibrates our immune and metabolic function, and that its corruption or depletion can increase the risk of chronic diseases, ranging from asthma to obesity.” How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution is a lengthy, but interesting, article.

Guide to the Regional Moles of Mexico
“The word “mole” comes from the Nahuatl “mulli,” meaning sauce or stew. Though the word is pre-Hispanic, the moles that we know today are the result of centuries of marrying and modifying regional ingredients and new and old techniques. Most start with a paste made from dried chilies, nuts, seeds, and spices, and are thickened with a starch—masa, tortillas, or bread. The results are eaten alone with tortillas or as a vehicle or sauce for proteins.” And there are many different regional varieties.

Glamorgan Sausages & Bara Brith
I’m heading to Wales tomorrow where I’ll be house (and cat) sitting for two months in Newport, Pembrokeshire. I’m eager to try Glamorgan sausages (a vegetarian sausage made with Caerphilly cheese, leek, and coated in breadcrumbs) and Bara Brith (a traditional Welsh fruit loaf made with tea). I promise to keep you posted on my Welsh adventure. (Photographs are from last year's trip to England.)

And, if you can’t join me in Wales, you could go to Churchill’s British Imports. They are super well-stocked for Christmas.

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