Thursday, October 1, 2015

Your Office Needs a Personal Barista

Monday mornings can be rough. But not always. Axon Development Corporation invited Daryl Grunau of Vector Coffee Company to their office to serve coffee for two hours. The lineup began immediately for Americanos, Macchiatos, and Lattes. Those of us who don’t drink coffee were happy to receive Earl Grey Lattes and Vanilla Steamers.

There were baked goods from City Perks, where Daryl also works. And seconds, sometimes even thirds, of coffee.

It was a chance for people who don’t usually drink specialty coffees to try them out and to enjoy the personal service. And Daryl’s low-key approach was never intimidating. Tell him what kind of coffee you like (“sweet and frothy”) and he’ll make a drink that suits your taste.

Daryl has a mobile coffee cart and comes prepared to make a variety of specialty coffees. All he needs is a plug-in. The cart is quite remarkable as it comes apart and he manages to squeeze it into the back of his very small car.

Daryl Grunau was named Best Barista in Saskatoon by Planet S and he knows his coffee. You can sign Vector Coffee Company up for a morning coffee party, a conference, or a Christmas party. I know that Axon’s staff are hoping he’ll make a repeat visit.

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