Thursday, October 22, 2015

Handcrafted Ice Cream in Victoria, BC

Summer and ice cream are a perfect match. And, if you’re going to splurge, make sure that you are eating the very best ice cream possible.

I had three really great ice cream experiences in Victoria this past summer. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re on Vancouver Island.

Cold Comfort 
Cold Comfort makes small batch, seasonally inspired ice cream. They use mostly organic ingredients, along with local fruits and herbs. There is no shortage of unexpected flavours as Cold Comfort has created over 340 different varieties, including Rosewater & Raspberry and Rosemary & Sour Cherry.

My absolute favourite was the East is East non-dairy sandwich bar. Sandwiched between thin layers of dacquoise is a rich mix of coconut milk, organic cane sugar, tamarind and cardamom.

Kid Sister 
Kid Sister originally sold paletas, Latin American fruit popsicles. They’ve expanded their menu to include a variety of ice cream bars and frozen yogurt. The milk and yogurt are organic and all of the packaging is made from compostable material.

Fol Epi 
In addition to its wonderful bread, pizzas, and baked goods, Fol Epi Bakery offers organic soft-serve vanilla ice cream in the most delicious waffle cones I have ever tasted. There’s a choice of toppings, but I highly recommend the chocolate sauce and toasted hazelnuts. The cones are gooey and delicious, perfect for a stroll around the harbour.

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