Thursday, November 6, 2014

8 Street China Supermarket

Adithya Ramachandran, Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens, sent me a message: “If you’re looking for vegan imitation meats, check out the Chinese grocery store on Louise Avenue. They have a freezer full of everything from beef to squid.”

Well, I had to check this out, and it’s true that the 8 Street China Supermarket has an amazing collection of imitation meats.

The Vegan Lemongrass Chicken is excellent. It’s in a spicy sauce that goes perfectly in a vegetable stir fry over rice. I’ve also purchased a package of Vegan Citrus Spareribs but haven’t tried it yet.

Adithya says the Vegan Lemon Chicken was too sweet for his tastes, but his wife is looking forward to trying out the Vegan Sea Cucumbers – she’s more adventurous than I am!

The store has lots of other interesting products. I’d like to try the Fresh Dried Guava and the Red Bean Jelly Ice Cream Bars. The Dumplings and Sesame Seed Cakes sound interesting too.

If you’re curious or looking for something different to try, I’d recommend visiting the 8 Street China Supermarket on Louise Avenue.


Sarah said...

I have never understood imitation meat. Why would a vegan or vegetarian want to eat imitation meat?

Penny McKinlay said...

In my case, it's for convenience and variety - I don't eat them often, but it's a handy protein source to add to a stir fry or a sandwich. The only one I eat regularly is burgers because I like the idea of a bun with all the fixings.