Monday, December 30, 2013

Flavourful Saskatoon, December 30, 2013

Bogart’s Bay Coffee 
Bogart’s Bay Coffee is now available at Dad’s Organic Market as well as Twig and Squirrel’s Wild Goods. They’re a “small, hand operated, charcoal-fired coffee roaster located on a bay of Birch Lake, in NW Saskatchewan.”

Heritage Society Dinner, Feb. 8 
The Saskatoon Heritage Society annual fundraising dinner is scheduled for February 8 at the U of S Faculty Club. The guest speaker is Frank Korvemaker, co-author of Legacy of Stone: Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings. He will be speaking on Heritage Conservation – The Right Project at the Right Time. The Heritage Society can be reached at

Look to the Future 
Fast Company’s top food stories of 2013 include one about the kitchen of the future (e.g. faucets that detect bacteria on produce), a look inside Chipotle’s organic tofu factory, and the three companies that Bill Gates thinks are shaping the future of food.

Food Tank has compiled a list of 14 food resolutions for 2014. They include supporting family farmers, ending food waste, and calculating the true cost of food.

And last, but not least, four ways to fix the fast food industry (e.g. lessons from food trucks).

Chocolate in London
The “chocolate houses of the 17th and 18th century [London,England] were dens of iniquity where noblemen plotted the downfall of kings and gambled their fortunes away. One of the first to open, in 1693, was the Cocoa Tree, its interior reminiscent of a Viennese coffee house, its atmosphere more Machiavellian court. When builders drilled down into the foundations, they found a tunnel leading to a tavern in Piccadilly – providing traitors with an escape route.”

And 17th century hot chocolate “was an extravagant brew infused with citrus peel, jasmine, vanilla, musk and ambergris”.

Unreal City Audio offers a variety of historic walking tours of London, including the Chocolate House Tour. (photo: Unreal City Audio)

A California winery is using the iPad to gather data on soil hydration and nutrient profiles and to automate the fermentation process. “They spend less time collecting data and more time crafting the wine.”

You can create one-minute videos about your favorite food or restaurants with the Tastemade app. The app is specifically designed to guide you through the process and help you create a title slide, add music, and filter.

Copenhagen Goes Organic
Copenhagen has been named the 2014 European Green Capital. They have a well-developed organic food network. 75% of the food served in public-sector kitchens currently comes from organic sources, and they plan to raise that figure to 90% by 2015.

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