Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Istanbul Diner

I had dinner last evening at the Istanbul Diner (255 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon). As I stood in the entrance way, debating where to sit (it’s a big restaurant), a tiny girl in a pretty pink dress skipped up to greet me, took my hand and led me to a seat.

She proceeded to provide me with a menu and express great disbelief over the fact that I was a vegetarian and didn’t want to try the lamb kebabs or the fish.

The chef, however, had no such problem and was delighted to provide us with vegetarian kebabs accompanied by fresh green salad and rice. He asked how spicy we wanted it, and it came exactly as ordered – very mild heat with lots of flavour.

The vegetable kebabs included lots of roasted tomato, pepper and chunks of Thai eggplant (tiny, egg-shaped fruit).

The menu bears further investigation by carnivores, but we were pleased with our vegetarian option. There are no desserts, but we were given a small piece of Turkish delight and a glass of tea to finish off our meal.

The chef came round with hand wash, which I thought was charming and unexpected, but it is very perfumed so I’d avoid it if you have allergies.

The Istanbul Diner is holding grand openings on Friday, August 26, and Saturday, August 27.

I’m pleased to see Saskatoon’s restaurant scene continuing to expand and to include restaurants with a specific focus. Do stop by and enjoy a Turkish meal in pleasant surroundings.

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Jenn said...

Just went to the Istanbul Diner. And OMG was it an amazing lunch! The owner was very sweet and personable. Also the food and service were awesome! I can't stop talking about this place and I just went there!!!!!