Friday, May 6, 2011

Travelling in Style: Train Travel in Spain

Estacio del Nord, Valencia, Spain

My brother will be leaving later this month on a cross-country train journey. But I will be surprised if he travels through any train stations as elegant as the Estacio del Nord in Valencia.

Estacio del Nord
The station was built between 1906 and 1917 under the direction of Demetrio Ribes. It’s in the modernist style incorporating wood, ceramics and metal.

The attention to detail is outstanding. No one who walks through this building can remain untouched by its beauty.

The building is a celebration of Valencian life and culture. The façade of the building is festooned with oranges and roses, and mosaics by Josep Benliure in the original waiting room illustrate scenes from Valencian life.

Train Travel in Spain
I enjoyed travelling by train in Spain. Stations are right downtown; trains are comfortable, frequent and on time; and the fares are reasonable.

My most expensive trip was about $75 one way for a 3 ½ hour semi-direct journey. 50-minute train journeys to neighbouring towns were about $10 for a return ticket.


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Incredibly beautiful. When one should travel to spain, he or she should not fail to recognize and appreciate the country's arts and architetures. Doing so will not only enhance the experience. One will also have a glimpse of Spanish culture and history.