Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photos of England - Family and Friends

I have been asked to post more of my photos from my recent trip to England. So here we are.

Family and Friends John Bound's wife went to university with my father. They were wonderful hosts to all of the McKinlays over the years. John has recently made a number of trips to Canada so we've had an opportunity to return his hospitality.
Sheila and Peter Walker were in Africa with Mum and Dad, and Sheila went with Mum to Dar es Salaam to wait for me to be born. When I visited this summer, she pulled out letters she'd written to her mother at that time. There were wonderful descriptions of the wedding dinner they hosted when Allison and Brad got married as well as serving as a reminder that baby Penny cried every afternoon from 3 to 4.
Frances and Emma are Janet and Richard's daughters and my second cousins. Adam is the most recent addition to the Verity clan and much loved by the whole family.
Janet is my cousin. She and her husband Richard have known me for years. Richard says I was very moody when I was 16. I remember them introducing me to the delights of Indian curry.

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