Monday, July 31, 2017

Flavourful Saskatoon, July 31, 2017

Little Quail Ridge Orchards
Dhillon and Sukh of Little Quail Ridge Orchards in Oliver, BC, have been farming a 28-acre orchard for over 15 years – and they’ve been selling their fruit at Saskatoon Farmers’ Market for many of those years. They only sell what they grow and rely on all of us who shop at farmers’ markets to support their families as they don’t sell to packing plants.

Swift Current & District Farmers’ Market profiled Little Quail Ridge Orchards on their Facebook page recently and provided the following information: “Sukh moves to Saskatoon for 3-4 months in the summer to manage the sales there and Dhillon drives their refrigerated semi every week from Oliver supplying Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Swift Current with the freshest fruit possible.” Dhillon’s wife, Parvinder, minds the orchard while he is on the road.

There is currently a second fruit vendor at Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, but a lot of their fruit is sourced from other farms.

If you want to support a farmer rather than a third-party reseller, I encourage you to purchase your summer fruit from Little Quail Ridge Orchards. Little Quail Ridge Orchards is at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market on Saturdays and at Toad Lane Farmers’ Market on Thursday afternoons.

Vegetarian & Vegan Catering 
 Congratulations to Chef Jenni who has launched a new chapter in her business – all vegetarian and vegan catering. Chef Jenni has always been a great promoter of local food that is good, clean, and fair. I’m delighted that she has taken this step and wish her all the best. She’s off to a good start, catering three vegetarian weddings in September.

You can also find Chef Jenni at SaskMade Marketplace where she is the new Assistant Manager.

Cold Brew Coffee 
Dusty Plains Coffee Co. is expanding Saskatoon’s coffee options with a cold-brew coffee made using beans roasted by 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters out of Regina. Their cold-brew concentrate is available at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market.

YXE Eats, Sept. 6-10 
Riversdale is hosting the third annual YXE Eats from Sept. 6-10. Register now for a Black Fox Farm Tour & Tasting, Lovin Lentils with Chef Jenni, Mustard Madness with Scott Dicks, and a Progressive Lunch or Dinner.

Temperance Brewing Co-operative 
Temperance Brewing Co-operative’s beers are now on tap at Silver’s Local Market.

Haskap Berries
When I’m in Victoria, I make a point of purchasing Tree Island Yogurt, grass-fed artisan yogurt produced in the Comox Valley. I was especially pleased to discover that they were producing a special edition of Haskap Berry yogurt – with berries from Northern Light Orchards in Saskatchewan!

Cheap Food 
“Is it time to rename fast food? Does “fast” adequately represent the core appeal of this kind of food? . . . while it sometimes matters that fast food is fast (quick, easy, convenient), what really matters is that it’s cheap. . . . Fast food denotes automatic judgment and stereotyping of the consumers – it becomes their fault for choosing fast over quality. By contrast, cheap food tells a fuller (fairer) story and one that at least acknowledges a harsh economic truth – this type of food (fast, junk, but above all cheap) could be all that broke, harassed people can afford.”

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature. I also post articles about food that is good, clean and fair; travel; and books. You may also enjoy EcoFriendly Sask profiling Saskatchewan environmental initiatives and events. 

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