Friday, June 24, 2016

FG Market Ltd. - Osler

A friend and I took a road trip out to Osler this week to visit FG Market Ltd. It’s a big, brand-new store stocking a wide range of fresh, frozen, and canned foods; wine and spirits; baked goods; beauty products; and candy.

They specialize in local food so we found fruit wines, liqueurs, and spirits from all corners of the province as well as Koko Patisserie baked goods from Regina, home baking, and lots of home-canned jams and pickles.

There’s a really large selection of flavoured oils and vinegars, a large freezer full of meat products, and lots of Homestead ice cream.

The market offers a daily lunch special, but if you’re vegetarian you may want to head for the ice cream sandwiches (very tasty!).

FG Market is definitely worth a visit. There’s lots to choose from and many products that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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