Monday, March 28, 2016

Flavourful Saskatoon, March 28, 2016

Brunch at Be Love vegan restaurant

Firkin Friday for Meewasin, Apr. 1 
They’ll be tapping a keg of Meewasin 80 beer from Prairie Sun Brewery at Fionn MacCool’s on Apr. 1. One dollar from every pint will be donated to Meewasin Valley Authority.

Spring Fling, Apr. 17 (Moose Jaw)
Sarah Galvin, Swift Current, will be selling her baked goods in Moose Jaw for the first time at the Spring Fling trade show. You can find out more about Sarah and her food by following her Facebook page, FoodCraft by Sarah.

Café Noir / Karma 
Café Noir on 2nd Avenue is rebranding itself as The Karma – Conscious Café and Eatery. Roshni and Vivek are trained baristas. They plan to serve vegetarian/vegan food, fair trade coffee, and will donate 3% of the Café’s earnings to local charities.

Lunch at Ottavio's Italian Bakery & Delicatessen

Local & Fresh (Regina) 
Local & Fresh delivers local products to your Regina home or workplace. You can select from over 1,000 products.

Calgary's Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants
Avenue Calgary magazine has compiled a list of 14 restaurants that offer a completely or partially vegetarian menu. There’s pizza, bar food, Asian fusion, Indian, Thai, and burgers.

Package-Free Shopping in Vancouver
A package-free grocery store is coming to Vancouver later this year. They’ll offer dried goods (nuts, seeds, grains) in bulk as well as fruit and vegetables and hope to expand to include a wider range of products, such as soap. Customers will be expected to bring their own containers.

Pizza in Rome 
A pizza crawl of Rome includes 12 very different pizzas, many of which are unfamiliar and not available in Saskatoon.

“I asked for two slices of bianca and the clerk held up a two-foot-long piece of pizza and rested his knife a few inches from one end. I approved the portion and he cut us a long strip of the sea salt-seasoned pizza, then halved it. Like most pizza bianca, Roscioli’s is thicker than pizza rossa; the flatbread does double duty as a snack eaten on the fly and as sandwich bread”

Overdosing on Protein
It bothers me when I see restaurants posting photos of foot-high burgers with bacon and two meat patties or recipes for lentil and meat dishes. North Americans are not only overweight, but research shows we’re consuming twice as much protein as we really need. If we care about our health and our environment, it’s time to cut back.

Flavourful Saskatoon is a weekly Monday feature. I also post regular profiles of culinary entrepreneurs, new restaurants and new food products. 

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Catherine said...

Still in Victoria? I recommend this cafe in Gordon Head:

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Thank you! It sounds great - I'll try and get there.