Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Market in Haverfordwest

The weather forecasters gleefully predicted a one-day break in the torrential rain and gale-force winds that we’ve been having, so I quickly made plans to take the bus to Haverfordwest, the largest town in Pembrokeshire, and visit the market.

green flecks are nettles

The market is set up in and around the pedestrianized shopping mall beside the river. There were about a dozen vendors, smaller than I anticipated, but then it’s a small county town. I happily went home with bread, cheese, baked goods, gherkins and chutney, potatoes, and three bunches of daffodils!

The sun was shining (quite dazzling after 3 weeks of almost steady cloud and rain) as I browsed the pedestrian shopping streets and trekked up the hill to the castle ruins. I ate lunch on a bench by the river watching the seagulls’ antics.

Someone had done an exceptionally fine job of yarn bombing the whole town centre – from posts and trees to bus shelters. Fun.

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