Monday, September 7, 2015

Flavourful Saskatoon, September 7, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fundraiser, Sept. 12
Lama Dorje will be speaking at a fundraising vegetarian dinner and slideshow to support Nepal after the earthquake on Sept. 12 at the Avalokitesvara Temple. Tickets must be purchased before Sept. 9.

Eat Think Vote, Sept. 14
The Saskatoon Food Council and CHEP Good Food Inc. are hosting a meeting with the four candidates for Saskatoon West from 6:30-8 pm, Sept. 14, at Station 20 West. Candidates will be asked for their positions on healthy school food, support for new farmers, and zero hunger in Canada.

YXE Street Food Festival, Sept. 19 
There will be over 20 food truck vendors, an artisan market, beer garden, and music at the second annual YXE Street Food Festival from 11:30 am – 9:30 pm, Sept. 19, at River Landing.

Regional Grain Production
Local wheat and flour are gaining momentum in the northeastern United States: “We’ve been suckered down this long, increasingly narrow chute that you’ve got to have wheat that’s 14 percent protein and it’s got to be grown in Montana or Kansas or you can’t bake good bread with it . . . . Wheat is really a worldwide crop; grain is a world-wide crop. We can do this in the Northeast.”

Both Earth Bound Bakery and The Night Oven Bakery in Saskatoon use local, organic wheat.

How to Choose Olive Oil
When it comes to olive oil, everything matters – where, when and how the olives were harvested, how they were pressed, whether the oil was filtered. “I’m not a wine expert, but people see a specific grape from a specific region from a certain year, they know what they’re getting. The same is true for olive oil. You want to know the region the oil comes from, and the olive it’s produced from.” 

A good bakery is bad business. Flour is cheap, but organic butter isn’t. So how do you figure out how many croissants (or scones or bagels) you will sell in any given day?

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