Thursday, July 30, 2015

Martin Dyck, Manager of Operations, Saskatoon Farmers' Market

Martin Dyck shows Batman around the Market

The Saskatoon Farmers’ Market will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on August 22. That’s a significant achievement and a great deal of credit needs to be given to the market manager who keeps thing running smoothly. Deb Claude managed the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market for 18 years, retiring in June 2015. Stepping into Deb’s shoes, as Manager of Operations, is Martin Dyck.

I was curious to find out more about Martin and his plans for the market, so I sent him a list of questions. Here are his responses:

1. What is your background and what led you to apply for a job at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market? 
I grew up just outside Regina in a farming community. I spent seven years in radio and have owned my own business a few times. I guess "entrepreneurial" would sum it up.

My wife, our youngest son and I moved to Saskatoon four years ago when I had an opportunity to open a branch office of a Regina-based business. After my three-year contract was finished with them, they decided to pull out of Saskatoon, but I had grown to love it here and had no interest in leaving this beautiful city.

The Farmers' Market is full of entrepreneurs. Every booth is its own little business and everyone is working for success. That many energetic people under one roof seemed like a great place to work. So when the job was posted, I applied. And it turns out I was right, it is a great place to work.

2. What are your responsibilities as Market Manager? Which part of the job excites you the most? 
My responsibilities at the Market are so varied. From working with our great vendors making sure everyone has their spot on market day, to time in the office answering emails, to budgets, to changing the odd light bulb.

I love the interaction with people. The people of Saskatoon are great! Market days (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) are my favorites. I get to interact with the vendors and the customers. I'm a people person, so mingling with customers throughout the day makes things so much better.

3. What can we look forward to at the Market? In the next 6 months? In the next year? 
The Saskatoon Farmers' Market is celebrating 40 years beginning with a huge celebration on August 22nd, and we are looking forward to a year of special events to celebrate. Of course, the ultimate goal is to see the Market get busier and busier.

We have cafés that are open 6 days a week that I consider one of Saskatoon's best kept secrets. It's like a mini food court. Right now we have Riverbend Plantation Café and Garlic Guru. Soon we will have a Mexican restaurant called La Taquiera Mexicana. They are currently working on their spot and will be open soon.

4. What is on your wish list for the Market? 
My wish list for the market would be more room for more vendors. The more the merrier! I would eventually like to see us grow in to a place that is busy every day. I would love to see our food service people busy 6 days a week. If we can find a way to get downtown people to come over for lunch or a coffee, they could see the food we have here and the service that is second to none.

5. What do you hope to achieve as Market Manager?
World peace through vegetables. No, just kidding. I would like to achieve the same things everyone in the Riversdale area wants – a busy, vibrant and friendly neighborhood. The Riversdale area has changed so much even in the short time I have been here. It's the place to be.

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