Monday, October 20, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, October 20, 2014

Uptown City Perks 
If you love the food at City Perks Coffee Shop but hate the crowds, head over to Uptown City Perks in the Stonebridge Toyota dealership. It’s quiet, spacious and light-filled – perfect for lunch or coffee with a friend.

Sobey’s Liquor Store 
I visited the new Sobey's Liquor Store in Stonebridge and wasn’t impressed. It’s a decent neighbourhood liquor store, but it’s not a specialty liquor store. The variety of wine and beer is better at the Co-op Liquor Store or even the SLGA on 8th Street. (This was confirmed by a couple of people I follow on Twitter.)

Sobey’s has a stand-up bar where you can try the products they are advertising in their flyer, but it doesn’t bear comparison with the tasting room and tastings at the Co-op Liquor Store.

Tins of Tea

Churchill’s British Imports 
Look at some of the fun things I discovered at Churchill’s British Imports in Cumberland Square.

Chili Marmalade

The Christmas shipments will start arriving at the beginning of November with more goodies being delivered on a weekly basis.


Just Eat It
It’s Waste Reduction Week and the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is showing Just Eat It, a movie about a couple that ate out of dumpsters for a full year, at 7 pm tonight at Roxy Theatre. Tickets are available on Picatic.  

Steep Hill Food Co-op 
Steep Hill Food Co-op does its darndest to avoid waste and excessive packaging.

Tackling Food Waste 
Food waste is a huge issue so I was delighted to learn that Disney World is turning all its food waste into energy.

A recent article lists other steps we can take to prevent waste – from shortening supply chains to eating less meat.

Organic Connections Conference, Nov. 6-8 
The Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show is being held in Regina, November 7-8.

Homebrewing, Nov. 15 
Paddock Wood Brewing is hosting a Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day on November 15. Several member of the Headhunter's beer club will demonstrate different methods of doing all-grain brewing on their home systems.

Interesting Articles 
Solving the global food crisis: improve food distribution, sustainably increase production, support local food, protect the environment through policy and regulation, engage the public.

The demand for meatless proteins is growing (only 7% of the 36% of Americans purchasing meat alternatives are vegetarian), and the market is expanding to include some interesting new meat alternatives (e.g. tomato sushi).

Defending wheat: farmers fight back against gluten-free trend.

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