Monday, September 22, 2014

Flavourful Saskatoon, September 22, 2014

Wild Blueberry and Tomatillo Soup Shooters with Pickled Vegetables and a Chanterelle Crouton
Slow Food Reading, Sept. 28
Amy Jo Ehman and dee Hobsbawn-Smith will be reading from their latest books at a Slow Food Salon from 1-3 pm, September 28, at 543 Sturgeon Drive (home of Noelle Chorney).

Winter Composting, Oct. 1
The SK Waste Reduction Council’s presentation at 7 pm, October 1, at the Frances Morrison Library will cover composting through the winter months, including bokashi fermentation and vermicomposting.

SK Book: Every Bite Affects the World
Catherine Verrall, a Regina author, has just published Every Bite Affects the World, a cookbook that is intended to help you discover “the connections between the food we eat and our own health, also the health of soil, water and climate, of communities and farmers, both here and far away.”

Ryan Meili says, “Combining original recipes, inspirational quotes, and reflections on our relationship with food and the land that produces it, Every Bite Affects the World is at once mouth-watering and thought-provoking.”

The book is available online from Amazon, Chapters, and Friesen Press. Print copies are available in Regina at Eat Healthy Foods, Nature’s Best Market, Hemp Haven, Regina Farmers’ Market, and will be available shortly in Saskatoon.

Smiling for the photographer. Have you ever seen such a giant potato masher?
Adventures with Chef Jenni
Attending one of Chef Jenni’s Solstice dinners at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market is always an adventure. There are unexpected ingredients (Cream of Wheatlet Polenta with Roasted Vegetables) and unexpected flavours (Wild Blueberry and Tomatillo Soup Shooters, Corn and Tarragon Ice Cream). It’s a chance to expand your horizons while supporting the Farmers’ Market.

Chef Jenni’s next Solstice meal will be on December 20, and Jenni says that it will be a Dinner in the Dark.

Book: Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry’s by Brad Edmondson chronicles the challenges that Ben & Jerry's faces as they try to establish a business where the people and the company’s social mission are as important as making a profit. They continue to work towards that goal even after they are taken over by a large multinational.

Corn & Tarragon Ice Cream with a Chocolate Beet Cookie
Video: Wine Geeks
Somm is a fun look at people following their passion as four guys spend every waking moment studying and tasting wine in the hopes of becoming a master sommelier. The movie is available on Netflix.

Community Oven in the Park
Urban parks fulfill so many purposes. People can play, exercise, or visit with their neighbours. They provide wildlife corridors for our furry citizens. One Toronto park got a new life – and it all started with the installation of a tandoor oven. They also started up a weekly market, which gave newcomers a chance to practise their English and make a little extra money.

Hospital Food
Was hospital food in the Middle Ages better than it is today? It’s hard to tell, but we could certainly reintroduce the idea of a hospital garden and re-emphasize the health benefits of food.

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